The purpose of the Computer Science club is to create a social and competitive atmosphere for ISU students interested in computer science and software related areas. The club will use its relationship with the ISU Department of Computer Science to provide information and financial resources to any and all students that are interested in donating their time to participate in any club projects and events. A few specific purposes are: Organize several social events to promote student-student interactions. In particular, one goal is to allow freshmen and sophomore to better integrate with the department. Organize local programming contests with a goal to win the regional ACM programming contests and to reach the yearly ACM finals. Promote computer science during various events throughout the year, such as: Women in Science and Engineering events, High School visits, etc. Club members would create and present software demonstrations, posters, and hand out flyers, gadgets, door prizes etc. Invite companies in the region to give presentations to club members with the goal of facilitating student-industry networking which is crucial in acquiring good internships and jobs. Maintain a website to provide useful and timely information for its members.


Membership in the ISU computer Science Club is open to all individuals registered as full time or half time students at Iowa State University. The ISU Computer Science Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability or status as a U.S. Veteran. Membership can be revoked by any subset of the club cabinet along with Advisor approval.


What do you do at meetings? All things related to Computer Science and Software Engineering. Including but not limited to: programming related presentations, company talks, interview practice, homework help, and social events.

What if it can’t make it to meetings? You can still join! While you’ll definitely get the most out of the club going to the meetings, if you have a conflict you can still benefit from being in the club. CSE Club puts on events throughout the year that you can attend outside of our normal club meeting times.

Is there food at meetings? Oh yeah. Every week we get lots of pizza and pop.

How can I get more involved in the club? We always welcome those who want to help out in more ways with the club. We have elections in the Spring to determine officer positions in the Spring, if you want to try your hand at leadership! Otherwise, let us know if you want to be more active and we can find ways for you to get involved.